Well then, let’s get started. To understand which one is the best and which one fits for you, I created a list with the advantages and negatives of each one, follow it.

shared hosting

Being one of the best known and most used hosting among small sites, this type of business brings together many customers in one plan, so when one of the sites ends up consuming more resources, it harms the others that are there together with them.

Shared or Dedicated Hosting 3

Imagine shared hosting as a room, and in this room there are 5 pieces of furniture that take up all the space in the room, but you decide to buy a bigger bed. That way it will take up more space in the room and will disturb the other furniture that was there. That’s how a shared plan works. But come on, here are the advantages:

  1. Usually this type of plan has a low value (which is not that attractive anymore), and can be purchased by anyone. However, I wrote another article talking about dedicated hosting, and its price is more affordable than a shared one.
  2. They offer a world-renowned management platform, cpanel, but it can be difficult for lay people to operate;
  3. SSL for free, to bring the feeling of more security to your website, and thus conquer the visitor even more;

Downsides of Shared Hosting

  1. Highly accessed sites are not welcome: As a characteristic of these companies, as soon as your website starts to receive a good number of visits, they end up putting your business down, so that it does not interfere with other users of the shared plan;
  2. Support: As the most sought after companies for online business, problems become “normal” things for webmasters, and with that comes a flood of people sending messages to support, and as the guys can’t keep up with the demand, it can happen that you spend hours in the queue to be served;
  3. Slowness: As you share a plan with several other people, it is common to experience crashes and difficulties in loading your site, which hinders visitors a lot;


As a type of website hosting where only your share that plan, this type of company is sought after by those who already have a well-accessed website, but this has been changing, as there is a dedicated company that offers plans starting at R$ 7, 00 and this is great for you who want to start a website, or already have one and want to change company.

Shared or Dedicated Hosting 4

In the dedicated plan, you don’t share space with anyone, and that way you don’t get in the way and you won’t be bothered by anyone. Imagine like the example above, only this time in the room there is only you, and you can put a piece of furniture as you want, however you want and you won’t have any problems with it.

For a long time this type of business had the price up there, being accessible only to those who had a lot of money, however, this ended up changing drastically, here are the advantages:

  1. Reliability: As there is only you in the shared plan, the server will work just for you, and if you want to increase the plan, you can get it with just 1 click;
  2. Performance: The processing capacity of this type of server is much higher compared to the dedicated one, however it is necessary to pay attention to the size of your site, because the bigger and more visits it has, the more it will require from hosting sites;
  3. ssl: Like its competitor, this type of business offers the free ssl certificate as well as other security systems.

Which website hosting to choose?

After you’ve read this article in its entirety, I recommend that you check out a recent review I made of hostoo which is simply the best hosting for websites , both porn and regular website, and has a very affordable price.

Shared or Dedicated Hosting 2

If you have any questions about which to choose, you can comment below or get in touch with me. Remembering that I’m doing consulting, so if you need help with something, need follow-up during your project, send me a message!